Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Ditimpa musibah......down.
Note2 kena kebas..ada outsiders masuk office time kami keluar.

Dear all. Please pay immediate attention regarding this. A staff at level 2 lost a mobile phone to a thief who conveniently walked into the office from 11.25am to 11.30am. The amazing thing is nobody noticed within the entire 5 mins period! The video revealed the very issue that we have been telling everyone to be aware of. Staff opened the door without checking whether is door is closed, locked or check if an outsider is tailgating. The thief smartly kept the door opened wide and staff goes in and out without bothering to close it. If you can recall, this is second incident since we shift here. A company at a different block lost some laptops during lunch time.

The following pictures have been sent to Propel and security guards.

11:24 – Tailgated a staff in

11:25 Went to a staff’s desk

11:26 Ransack a staff’s handbag

11:29 Took the staff handphone and left the office.

Itu Note 2 aku...........................waaaaa!!!!Rasa nak nangis 
tapi hati rasa beku je!
Masa nak keluar lunch tu 2 org pesan suruh aku bawa henset tu tapi
ntah kenapa rasa mcm taknak bawa... asbab kepada kehilangan henset itu.

Sapa-sapa ternampak mamat ni kat mana-mana be careful. Berani betul dia tau.
Padahal team mate kitorang ada je cuma semua orang tgh busy on call jadi tk perasan.

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