Monday, January 6, 2014

Cost for waterbirth in Pantai Hospital KL, Malaysia

Okla, nak share sikit pasal waterbirth cost kat Pantai KL ni.

deluxe delivery suite *1day RM888
2 bedded *0.5day RM69
admin charge RM52
medical n surgical supply RM577
medication RM387
monitoring RM72
nursing procedures RM1149
surgical procedures RM79
dr fees RM1500
tax RM58
Total dalam RM 4800 roughly (ada aku bundarkan sen sen tu....)
*used delivery suite from 2pm till 2am.
*2 bedded room from 2am till 6pm so they charged halfday

Baby charged asing-asing. Baby kena dekat RM1000.

Total cost delivery and baby = RM5800
Ini waterbirth cost with Dr Idora Mohamed on 12/12/2013.

Kalau korang kena charge lebih atau kurang lagi..itu bergantung kepada condition masing-masing


nurul said...

salam . i am really interester in water birth. may i know is this your own experience?

fazliana said...

Tq 4 info

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