Friday, January 7, 2011


What to say, I thanked Allah for the rezeki given to me.
Right after I submitted my resignation letter in my previous company,
not knowing what to do next, I went for an interview with HP.
I ve had 2 months to find another job before my notice ended.
If not, I will end up @home. EHehe..not bad idea though, for a few months,
mu husband can support but if longer, we will have to cut off some of
our budget to accomodate my husband's salary.
So, I went to interview with HP and alhamdulillah, I was not so hopeful to
get the job as I still have 2 months notice to finish before I can join
any company yet, I am not willing to let them buy me out as I think I
still owe my previous company a lot...(they've outgrown me as a HD).
After 2 days, I received result that they are willing to offer me a position
in January, plus they offerred a much much better salary than I have
expected. Alhamdulillah, sujud syukur kepada Allah.
SO, now here I am, First day @HP. Nothing much is going on YET. Everyone is
so busy running here and there as this account is still new-just on air
since Dec 2nd.
I will have to treasure my free time because later on I will be very busy
handling calls.
Heard so many stories within my new team....only then I realised, it is what
I ve being offerred. That is why they offered me high salary....I was demotivated
at yesterday. I was so afraid to start my new job.
BUt that was yesterday, today I woke up with a fresh start. I have to prove to them
all that it is not as bad as what they said. It is not as bad as what *S told me
because she will resign soon. She told me that because she cannot cope with the
team.. I can do it. I can cope with the team. I am not as old as her. HIHIhi..
Today I reject her invitation for lunch because I don't want to hear more 'stories'
from her. PLease forgive me.....
Ya Allah, Berikanlah daku kekuatan fizikal dan lahiriah untuk menghadapi semua ini.
Berkatilah rezekiku untuk ku dan keluargaku.
Hanya kepadaMu tempat ku memohon, ya Allah.

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