Thursday, November 4, 2010

The best Kari Kepala Ikan in Penang

As for me..the best kari kepala ikan in Penang is near Gurney drive. Actually the restaurant i nicknamed it as restoren pokok buluh (bamboo restaurant) since there are so many bamboo plants around the restaurant. The restaurant itself is quite dark....not so fancy restaurant..hiding behind old english+chinese architecture which has been abandoned since I was 8yrs ols(22yrs back). So, I ve been a regular customer to this restaurant since i was 8. Everytime me and my family went to Penang, surely we would stop for lunch. At that time, the owner was a Chinese mualaf aunty. During lunch was always packed with customers (mostly Chinese). As for me, when I see Chinese going to Malay restaurant, the restaurant must be very good. Hehehe... is very good.
      The kepala ikan was so fresh. The curry is not Indian style curry but more to Malay curry but with less oil. The curry was seen cooked separately with the fish head as to ensure the fish is not cooked to long to maintain its freshness and juicyness. The fish head will be cook after you ordered so it will take some time to reach your table... Other menu you can find here is ikan bawal goreng bersambal. The fish will be deep fried and after that the thick sambal will be put on top of the fish. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that you can also order ladyfinger(bendi) to put inside the curry . Oh how is miss kari kepala ikan Gurney drive.
      You can also choose from ready made dish such as sambal terung(very very nice with sweet sambal), sambal tauhu, sambal belacan, ulam-ulam etc. (ahahha..we only ordered that three so I can only remember that). If you go to Penang, you must stop by at this place cos only orang yang tahu saja tau kedai ni...

price : around RM60 for 4 adults
opening hrs : lunch time only
how to go : there a road behind Gurney drive. You can see SHELL in front on your right, the restaurant is on the corner of the road on your left. Its at corner of Jalan kelawei and Jalan Jones. You can see mamak stall selling drinks and newspaper but thats not the in. Go in further or can ask from uncle mamak where is the kepala ikan..eheh

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