Monday, November 1, 2010

The cheapest Nasi Lemak in Bandar Putra Permai

        Hahah... i have tried many types of Nasi Lemak.. but so far, this is my best because, this is the cheapest and the taste keeps you want to buy it again tomorrow. Cuba satu, esok mau lagi.... This nasi lemak is less fussy cos you don t have to wait for makcik tu wrap it up for you. It is already wrapped in daun pisang and have names. So that easier to choose la. This nasi lemak starts from 530pm till 9pm only. Usually if you come around 8 to 830 there are not many choices already... Takdak rezeki la if you mengidam for nasi lemak daging. Nasi lemak daging is believed to be the most popular.

      If any of you stayed in Bandar Putra Permai, surely you would know the one and only Mc Donald. and my favourite makcik nasi lemak is just around the corner. Near the shops besides Mc Donald.. in front of Seri Baling Restaurant.

I really love the sambal. Sweet, succulent, tangy taste...ahh.
Makcik sells nasi lemak sambal ikan (small ikan kembung or cuts of big ikan kembung), sambal udang, sambal sotong kering, sambal ikan bilis, sambal ikan kering, sambal ayam and the best for me is sambal daging.
The nasi lemak consists of nasi, 1/6 boiled egg, and sambal.

 So tempting... oh ya, forgot to tell the price. This is the best part aaa.. only RM1.20 for every bungkus, except for beef sambal it is RM1.50. Ate 2 bungkus and you will  be full..ahaa.

ENjoy the pictures....

See how big the prawn is. Below is the nasi lemak ikan.
As for the kids, I cook spaghetti with chicken ball soup with eggs, onions, potatoes and celery.


maYa said...

oichisouuu..tabetai naaa..n yasui jyann..

Kemai said...

eh ni fav i juga neh ..selalu gak beli time mood M***S msk tu dtg..murah dan sedapppp!

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