Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo pasta in Cyberjaya

Today is Japan Public holiday. But we still have to work..duhhh! As we re supporting Japan customer, and they re on holiday, tau tau sendiri la kan. jadi, kami pun pakat-pakat pi lunch ramai-ramai.

     Our choice for today is Jumbo Mumbo in streetmall, besides kebab. This is my first time coming here. They said that the pasta here is quite nice.
   Oh YES! the pasta is quite good in here with kind a reasonable price for pasta.(dont compare with ikan bakar at terminal la..okey). For lunch, they have lunch set with drinks. They have, chicken chop, sandwiches and about 8 kinds of pasta to choose from. The most expensive set is about RM16 nett. I chose linguini with salmon and carbonara sauce with Lime ice blended. I tot I cannot eat carbonara for lunch coz it s too heavy with cream but this one is quite mild. In a second, a finish my meal...ahahahah.. calories..calories..calories
But i think I washed it away with lime ice blended..ahahaha,

    I didnt bring any camera with me, but my friend do. So, later I will ask the picture from her. For the time being enjoy this picture..

They said, the waffle there is good also... Maybe I will bring my son here for his birthday soon.


diannazainodin said...

cayalah dah sma tadi..memang layan

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